Sunday, January 27, 2008

"To big"

Yesterday, whilst couch-shopping, Henry found this "Kid" section at one the stores, that had video games and a movie playing. Well, he thought it was so fun to "play games" and "push the buttons."

So, last night when he was going to bed, Derek and he were review his day and the following conversation ensued:

Derek: Henry did you go shopping and play games at the couch store?

Henry: Yes! I pushed the buttons! And played games!

Derek: Yes you did. Did Daddy play the games?

Henry: NO! You're too big to play games!

Derek: Daddy is what??


Henry was quite insistant that Derek could NOT play video games because he was too big. It was hysterical.

1 comment:

Chels said...

Could I possibly borrow him and have him talk to Jake about that? lol

Henry's TOO cute. I can't believe he talks in sentences. Seems like just yesterday we were naming him Zoltron.


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