Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me: Henry, what are you doing?


Yes, well nothing turned out to be pouring cereal all over the kitchen floor.


"Nothing" is ALWAYS his answer when I ask him what he is doing.

Crazy kid.

So, I picked up a new doula client in Walmart. HOW COOL IS THAT?

She took Derek's class last year and decided to have her baby at the Birth and Women's Center in Topeka after I talked about it in my pregnancy lecture that Derek lets me teach. She approached me in the store and told me this and then I was brave (any very not like myself) and said, "Well do you have a doula??" I ended up giving her my card and then she called me like 2 hours later to hire me! HA! I'm so excited. It will be my first out-of-hospital birth as a doula. COOL!

Does anyone know where I can buy Tava? It's this amazing yummy ZERO CALORIE soda that Target has on their fountain but they don't sell it in stores... grrrrrr.


EM said...

When I first read that you had "picked up a new doula client at Walmart I totally envisioned you approaching an unsuspecting pregant woman and offering your services. And then I thought that that this can be your new business model: you trolling the maternity departments at Walmart and Target,boldly asking women if they have a doula! I think it would work out very well for you! ;-) Congrats on your new client!

Morgan and Derek said...

Honestly, I have considered it. I think Derek is tired of me saying, "Do you think she needs a doula??" to him about EVERY and ANY pregnant person who comes within 50 feet of me.

Emily said...

Hey, I am Janson Holm's little sister, Emily. Lynn passed on your shower post which I can totally relate with. We have three boys-- 4 2.5, and 8 months. I remember you guys from the Provo days. Anyway, how did you become a doula, and how does it work when you have to leave the kids? I have been really interested in pursuing it, but I've worried a little bit about the leaving the kids business. Would you mind dropping me an email? Thanks so much, and congrats!


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