Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who let the Blog out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?

HAHA! I'm so punny. Okay, so I have literally agonized over this silly decision to start BLOGGING! I send out periodic emails to friends and family, so I figured I didn't need a blog. Not to mention how unbelieveably trendy they are.

And yet.

Here I am. Blogging.

I have called our blog The -Ing Family. Why? You ask. Because we are always -ing something. Derek is therapiz-ing, I am doula-ing or directing, we're mommy-ing, daddy-ing, shopp-ing, clean-ing. The boys are running, poop-ing. You get the idea. So, we are the -Ing family.

I plan to keep this going.

We'll just see.

Things in the life of the -Ing family are really really wonderful! We are work-ing (sorry, couldn't help myself) hard and keeping busy. Derek is about done with this semester. (Hallejuah!) It has been a long and difficult few months for him.

Morgan (that's me) is working on her doula business. And things are going very well. I have been very blessed with clients and I am completely in love with what I do.

Henry is 2. He's busy and chatty and opinionated. Sigh. And he has NO interest in potty training.

Spencer is 4 months. He is just a joy. He adores his big brother.

Anyway, I'll keep things updated the very very very best I can.

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

It is so good to read what is going on with you guys. I am so happy you started a blog!


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