Monday, December 17, 2007

I have back-up!

Well, after trying to get my doula business off the ground for a year, I now have a back-up doula! In the doula-world a back-up is vital! I've been doing without one because here in Manhattan, I was the only one! But, now, another doula here in town and myself, have agreed to help each other out. Basically, a back-up is just that, if I can't make it to a client's birth, she goes. YAY!

I really should rename the blog "Henry-isms" because he says such hilarious things every day... that's all the stuff that goes into this blog.

The newest "Henry-ism" is his favorite Christmas song. He LOVES Jingle Bells. But, the cute thing is, he calls it "Jingle the Balls." It's hilarious. He requests it in the car ALL THE TIME. "Jingle the Balls Mama! Jingle the Balls!"

On that note, our downstairs neighbors have a baby girl named "Isabell." Yup, you guessed it, he calls her "The Ball." We have their Christmas card on the fridge, and Henry runs to it and says, "The Ball The Ball!"

Yup, we die laughing. Pretty much, all the time.

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Alice said...

man, I love little kids. My favorite of the past few weeks was my friend's two-year-old who after I said "Oh boy," said: "I am not a boy, I am a girl!" She said it so matter of factly. Hilarious. I miss you guys.


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